Enhancing quality of life in
farming communities through
improved crop yields

Ganic’s sustainability focuses on improving farm productivity and product quality, to achieve lower costs and higher income for farmers. Our goal is sustainable, inclusive business practices that increase food security, create jobs and wealth, and impact farmers and their communities to secure human life and alleviate poverty. Our objectives are as follows:

  • Providing training in good agricultural practices, leading to certification according to the internationally- recognized sustainability standards.
  • Engaging with farmers directly and through farmer organizations.
  • Providing access to better inputs and credit.
  • Providing access to better plant stock and seedlings.
  • Improving post-harvest handling.

Ganic’s strategy is to develop long-term relationships with farmers by providing a package of services, training and credit to improve yield and quality.

With training, access to markets, inputs and technology, farmers productivity is enhanced.

By providing valued services to farmers, such as assistance in obtaining internationally-recognized certifications, Ganic aims to improve farmer’s product price, income and welfare.